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John Blanchette: Handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch in tremendous Bowl XLIX turns the Seahawks into an unstoppable dynasty – or he’s stopped brief

John Blanchette: Handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch in tremendous Bowl XLIX turns the Seahawks into an unstoppable dynasty – or he’s stopped brief

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simply 10 bucks on Etsy receives you the espresso cup with Pete Carroll’s photograph on it and the damning epic:

choose the tremendous Bowl? Nah, I’ll move.

Or for $25 on RedBubble, there’s the trip mug that says:

may still’ve just run the ball.

Yeah, that’s the reminder you need every morning if you happen to’re jonesing for your jumpstart.

no longer that you simply want any reminders. it’s the wound that received’t scab over, the acid reflux disease that won’t go away. during this a part of the country, it’s the rebuke relevant to every folly – and requiring no longer a stitch of rationalization.

Say you’re using to an odd destination. you make a putrid flip and instead of heed your companion’s information and prevent to ask directions – or at the least stir up your phone’s GPS – you motor on and develop into much more hopelessly misplaced. after which comes the neener-neener from the passenger’s seat:

Run the ball, Pete.

It’s the overriding sporting disgrace of the Northwest – worse than the Mariners’ four a long time of plodding away from the area series, worse than losing the Sonics to Oklahoma city, worse than Tyrone Willingham’s 0-12, worse than Mike Leach’s Twitter stylings.

The Mendoza Line, Scottie-Pippen-for-Olden-Polynice, Billy Joe Hobert’s Camaro, Bobby Ayala, hiring Paul Graham – all have passed into the dustbin of Evergreen infamy.

however the Seattle Seahawks no longer handing it to Marshawn Lynch 36 inches from foiling the brand new England Patriots and winning tremendous Bowl XLIX will are living on.

Who will ever forget Marshawn’s words to the media after the game?

I’m just right here so I gained’t get the ball on the 1-yard line.

good enough, no, he didn’t say that. What he referred to became, “It cost us the tremendous Bowl.” He just didn’t say it except a month or so later, after each person else from Fairfield to Forks had already observed it.

except Carroll, of path. He’s at all times ComPete, and he’s now not going concede a degree.

“It wasn’t a bad name,” he insisted. “It was a nasty influence.”

As if the latter were in some way unique of the previous.

but then, there became loads of rank to move around in these ultimate moments in institution of Phoenix Stadium – some of it each bit as damning because the play call that has defined the franchise on account that.

Dispense with the blowing of the 10-point lead, and Jermaine Kearse’s loopy-ass capture. select it up at the New England 1-yard line, Lynch pulling himself to his ft after a 4-yard profit.

here’s the place offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, with Carroll’s blessing, sends in a 2d-down move play known as “19 force.”

here’s the fault line for a fan snide’s heartbreak.

Interception. redulity. Infamy.

in the NBC booth, Al Michaels rewrites his broadcast signature:

Do you consider in debacles?

No, no, he didn’t say that. however his accomplice, Cris Collinsworth, did say, “I cannot agree with the call! You’ve acquired Marshawn Lynch in the backfield!”

Carroll would justify the move name via noting that the Patriots had introduced in their intention-line personnel – eight defenders tight – and “i know that we have the knowledge on the matchups in the passing online game.” He also had only one timeout left, which would have to be burned if Lynch didn’t make it into the end zone – and force a move on third down. however this only underscored some awful clock mismanagement moments earlier than – calling a timeout after Kearse’s catch a dead-ball circumstance and letting 30 seconds tick off the clock after Lynch’s first run, wiping out the option of handing the ball to him three more instances.

in the meantime, the execution of the referred to as play was a cluster. Kearse couldn’t get off Patriots defender Brandon Browner to make a fantastic choose on Malcolm Butler, who bought out on Ricardo Lockette operating the slant route. Lockette did not beat his man to the section. And Russell Wilson’s flow was excessive and out, now not low and in, where Lockette might shelter it.

So an awful lot for the expertise on the matchups.

should still’ve just run the ball.

Some three 1-2 years later, there exists a notion that every one that has beset the Seahawks in view that stems from the vibe from this misbegotten pass. There’s no tangible connection, of path. but this become, on account of age, personnel and style, apparently a dynasty in utero, where it’s remained. some of what’s derailed it has been palm-to-brow stuff – the damage tsunami of 2016, or kicker Blair Walsh channeling Fernando Rodney in 2017. other stuff – the atrocious-healthy change for tight conclusion Jimmy Graham, the spare-ingredients strategy to constructing an offensive line – smelled of desperation on one hand and vanity on the different.

however past that, it felt as if Carroll lost a piece of his unstable, strong-willed core that day. sure, they had been going to age and spoil. They were going to wish to receives a commission. They were going to turn into much more outspoken – and cranky. now not profitable XLIX – when their teach didn’t provide them the top-quality chance to seize – looked as if it would speed up any disenchantment, and decline.

Lynch “retiring” to the Oakland Raiders. The giveaway alternate of Michael Bennett. Kam Chancellor’s retirement. Richard Sherman and Cliff Avril released. Earl Thomas’ holdout.

So what in the event that they’d run the ball?

well, if Carroll’s name tells us the rest, it’s that soccer is a fatalist’s sandbox. So both:

A Lynch rankings. Then Tom Brady completes two passes to get the Patriots in box-aim range. Stephen Gostkowski ties the game. Brady strafes the proud Seahawks protection another time in overtime. Or …

B Lynch is stopped brief. The Seahawks have to flow on third down. Bevell calls “19 drive.” Malcolm Butler intercepts.

however you be aware of what actually occurs.

Lynch plows in from the 1. Sherman intercepts Brady. The 12s return to cloud nine.

And in February 2018, the Seahawks steal a knee all through crimson’s rendition of the countrywide anthem, then beat the Patriots again as Marshawn Lynch collects one for the thumb – a ring for Seattle’s fifth straight NFL championship in tremendous Bowl LII.

unless Pete Carroll determined to call a pass at the conclusion of tremendous Bowl L. these things can handiest be undone once.

Run the ball, Pete.